it is so annoying to open the curtains

it is so annoying to open the curtains or blinds and saw the horrible black plastic mold on the window frames. Generated from the temperature difference between external and internal condensation and a black plastic ideal environment for the growth of mold.pad painter

This may be a health hazard, especially if you have a family member have allergies or asthma. There is a simple way to get the mold to eliminate and prevent their return.

Pull back the curtains and tie from the window. Raise the curtain. It does not need to take everything except remove the black mold. But it must be able to get to the mold.

Spray bottle full of water. Add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and a quarter cup of vinegar. Shake to mix.

Wear masks and disposable plastic gloves. Spray a mixture of window frames. Let us for a minute, a set of foam to the mold. This allows the mold spores into the air in the lowest.

Relax with a brush to scrub the black mold. Need to keep the mold soap spray mixture moist.

Take cloth cloth to wipe the mold off the window frame. Turn cloth frequently. When the rag and throw away the mold coverage.refrigerator mould Use as many rag needs to be done.

Soaked cloth in rubbing alcohol. Clean the window frame. This will dry and window frames, picked up the frame to leave any mold. It helps to delay the return of black mold.

Always wipe from the window to prevent moisture mold.Throw die outside cleaning.painting toolsBlack rags used in the development of any health hazard. Be sure to wear protective gloves and mask.Clean frames frequently. Do not let mold accumulate.Bleach can join, if you work outdoors. Do not use bleach in it. Fumes can harmful.hardware mouldUse be careful with the mold it can be a health hazard problems.glass mould

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