Simpoe - Designer is a flagship product Simpoe

SIMPOE the SAS, in Torcy,glass mouldpad painter headquartered in France, the French developer of medical plastic mold simulation software solutions.painting tools SIMPOE, SAS announced today that its new Simpoe - Designer of the medical plastic simulation software product line coming soon.
Simpoe - Designer is a flagship product Simpoe mold SIMPOE independent version, but which also includes its own embedded CAD kernel.

In addition, all products brought SIMPOE traditional strengths: ease of use, speed and affordability, Simpoe, the designer has brought two major benefits of plastic parts product designers, manufacturers and mold makers:

Capacity, in addition to IGES, STEP and STL formats,hardware mould read their native file format of most of the CAD model features: SolidWorks, Pro / ENGINEER, and Acis, Parasolid, then AutoCAD invention, underground, solid edge, etc. < br> Can directly modify the geometry of the model to assess the changes can be made on the part of the impact, therefore, optimization as part of their manufacturing process without having to return to the original CAD model for each.
The Simpoe - Designer software family includes four modules:

Simpoe - Designer of the filling, the basic package, simulation completed parts, including temperature and pressure curves,refrigerator mould weld lines, air filters, and other Simpoe, the design also includes SIMPOE filled before and after the powerful processing technology, and the 5000 + material data base, This can also be customized by a few clicks.

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