glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)

glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), is a composite material or fiber reinforced plastic made of glass fiber reinforced plastic fines. Such as graphite fiber reinforced plastic, composite material is commonly referred to by its reinforcing fibers (glass fiber), a part of the case as a whole metonymy name.

First use of FRP

FRP was first in the United Kingdom during World War II aircraft radome, as used by the replacement of molded plywood, the first main application is for civilian vessels, which gained acceptance in the 50's,refrigerator mould buildings,roller covers now play a leading role. FRP is a versatile material has many uses.painting brushes


GRP is used for the appearance of the telecommunications industry shrouded antennas, due to its permeability and low RF signal attenuation performance. It can also be used for other equipment, the appearance of the shroud where no signal,paint roller frames such as the permeability is the necessary equipment cabinets and steel support structure, and it can be shaped as, manufacturing and custom design, easy to paint, to integrate into and existing structures or walls.


Can be made of fiberglass tank, capacity of up to about 300 tons. Smaller tanks can be chopped off with a thermoplastic liner as an actor acts in the preform during the construction pad. More reliable fiber tanks are used at right angles to the direction of the hoop stress in the wall or put the contents of the woven mats wrapped fiber. They tend to use chemical storage, because the plastic lining (usually polypropylene) is a strongly resistant to multiple chemicals.adjustable roller frame Glass, steel cans are used for septic tanks.

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