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Home School High School Mistakes - Not Planning For College

We've been taught to believe that a college prep education is mainly for college-bound kids. But college preparation is GREAT life preparation. The first big mistake that parents make in their homeschooling is failing to strive for college!

In this lesson, you will find out what you can do to give a college preparation for your own children and the reason a college prep education is necessary.

A homeschool high school college prep education includes reading, writing, and math - skills crucial to almost any job. It covers history, to ensure our society isn't doomed to repeat it! It includes sciences for critical thinking, as well as civics to ensure our students can vote effectively. It covers the foreign languages so that we better understand the world around us, and physical fitness for wellness.

A college prep education is crucial for all children kayak seat pads. When a child is going on to college, then obviously they have to have a college prep high school. But imagine if you feel they won't head to college? What then? Then their homeschooling experience could be their only formal education, and we have got to make it good. If they will not be going on to college, then they are going straight into the workforce. They should be well prepared, to ensure that they are good citizens, can function in their selected career, and can vote knowledgeably natural body care for men.

You aren't able to always know what the future holds

Maybe you have discovered that sometimes kids will change their minds? My good friend had a son that loved motors. He was often bringing home little stray engines the way other kids might bring home little stray puppies 29er carbon wheels. She started to be confident that her son would turn out to be a mechanic. Positive that her child would not go to college, and therefore wouldn't need math, she was never worried about pushing him along. He loved engines so much - it was an obvious fit, right?

Well, one day he announced that he wished to be an engineer, and all of the sudden he needed calculus! Children change their minds, and quite often even parents aren't able to assume that things will wind up a particular way.

Increase flexibility

Planning a college prep high school will allow your children to change their minds. It will permit them to pursue ANY college they suddenly long for, and ANY job they come to be enamored with! Planning for college will allow you maximum flexibility, and prevent any missteps or miscues as you go along.

No matter what life brings, you'll be ready for it! Have you seen "The Incredibles" movie? You will be like the super-hero mom, Elasti-girl. A super-hero homeschooling parent ready for anything that comes your way!

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