Basic Microscope Structure

China microscope supplier let you know that microscope to view the use of objects and materials, so the size of the minute they are through the naked eye can not detect the mechanical equipment. This instrument, known as the microscope, the comprehensive schools of optical science and light reflection, control and manipulation of small objects through the lens, close study.

As microscope manufacturer point that basic microscope consists of several complex and interrelated parts: a cylinder, to provide the necessary space between the air (eye piece) at the top of the eyepiece and objective lens fixed at the bottom, hovering close to a phase of the rotating arm containing optical components and center hole through which a light according to the position of the solid U-shaped. Enlarge for the eye to the scope for the X20, X10 X5's value, the value of objective lens with a wider range: X5, X10 and X20, X40, X80, and X100. These values ​​provide a possible direction of the distance and sharpness, is the observation and analysis of the spectrum necessary to observers.

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