What hope do Monte is her popularity

What hope do Monte is her popularity and attract more energy into the local companies, such as venture into the racing world, the decals only partially resolved. Monte also want to have a trailer on the track of goods - the majority of people selling T-shirts, hats and other items fans - where she can pass the message of renewable energy and other environmentally responsible companies.

She knows it can be a tough sell to fans and sponsors, but she caught up her bold love the earth.

Kevin Donovan, vice president of Helios Partners company, sports marketing company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia,led modules say they have talked about other than work and business is known as green companies.

"This does not mean sacrificing our principles,outdoor led wall lights but," he said. "We have some restrictions on who we will work together, but for any mainstream companies - including current NASCAR sponsors - who are credible commitment to environmental sustainability, we hope to talk to them about how to Leilani can help them communicate and demonstrate that commitment.3528 led strip light "

Monte, his academic training is in biology, the first time realized the impact she could race fans, when she saw a thread in the NASCAR-oriented message boards about her and her support for the film "An Inconvenient the truth. " Some people support her career, most do not.

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