Bean milk machine mould and other consumer

plastic in toys, tools,Bean milk machine mould and other consumer goods manufacturing industry one of the most commonly used materials. Its name from the Greek plastos plastic, is formed. Obviously, the material in the real value in the plastic, which is the method lies and plastic mold. Plastic is very malleable, and allow or be pressed, extruded, cast, or in many different shapes and forms shape.

Plastic products are widely used in rapid prototyping products range from each such as pens, clips, and daily office printers to high-end uses,refrigerator mould such as TV, sports venues, and the space shuttle. In many industries before the plastic is widely used, such as wood, stone, glass,automotive mould ceramics,Listools leather and other materials, the use of standard products. Now, looking leather and products made of stone that certain quality and scarcity, because most of our stuff is plastic. Plastic has replaced all of these traditional materials, it is now all the major materials in the manufacturing sector.

Use of the shortcomings of its chemical composition from the dry plastic. The composition of the compound limits its capacity of rapid prototyping, making it vulnerable to heat and the hard impact and weight. Plastics is limited, how the density and efforts, they can cause many of these are weaknesses. In addition, the plastic is not high electric conductivity, so they are around restrictions on the use of electronic components. In addition, plastic molding, the price limit its work as a construction project of building materials (except PVC) to use, because it is still expensive when compared with concrete and wood work.air cooler mould

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