Three Beautiful Walk-in Wardrobes

Wardrobes play a very important in our daily life since most bedroom have bedrooms have wardrobes that serve as the dressing area. Therefore, a beautiful wardrobe which is efficient for storing clothes, jewellery and shoes is urgently needed. Since OPPEIN provides you these beautiful wardrobes, why bother with walls when your organization game is so on point?

European Style Matte Lacquer Walk in Wardrobe
lacquer walk in wardrobe

The European Style matte lacquer walk in closet appears grand and magnificent for it is functional by storing our clothes as well as beautiful by its white and special style. I believe that most of us are dreaming to have such a room, where we can choose our dress in every morning.

Modern Beige Lacquer Walk-in Wardrobe

lacquer walk in wardrobe
The modern beige lacquer walk-in wardrobe is a rather high-quality product which creates a feeling of warmth and makes you feel comfortable. It also shows an extensive range of styles and complements the overall colour scheme, decor style and furniture in the bedroom.

L Shape Walk-in Wardrobe with Gray Finish 
lacquer walk in wardrobe










With wardrobes that include a walking path, the transparency of the doors grows even more important. Nobody wants to feel cramped up inside of a dark closet while looking for clothing, no matter how luxurious the closet might be.

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Possibilities of container modification to fit your needs.

Shipping containers are flood- and fire-proof, making them a great home-building material. Ranging in length from 20 to 40 feet, shipping containers are typically only used for 10 to 13 years, but they can last much longer. It is estimated that there are 24 million empty shipping containers in the world that will not be used for cargo again. But, as the saying goes, one man’s retired shipping container is another man’s crazy, high-end modular home. What? That’s not a saying? It should be.


Reasons: Why shipping containers are the ideal building materials?

  • Containers are made from high strength corten steel. This means they are durable and strong.
  • Often cheaper and faster compared to traditional building methods.
  • Because they are modular, you can easily stack and interlock them together.
  • Mobile. You can move your containers to another site if needed.
  • Eco-friendly. Recycling a container helps the environment.

Container modifications to suit your requirements

Shipping container dimensions need not be a restriction since multiple units can be adjoined to create large areas of internal space as needed. Some of our shipping container villages may be comprised of professionals with work space needs such as meeting rooms, internet cafes, bathroom facilities, private office spaces, quiet/study areas, and areas to meet with clients. A social community may benefit greatly with shared spaces such as a game room, media room, yoga or meditation rooms, social hangout rooms, library, dining areas, and other functional and smart space saving applications. Over the years we have taken so many standard ISO shipping containers - and done amazing things with them.


Have an idea for container conversion or modification?

Modo’s team of professionals takes pride in our quality work and exceptional customer service. We have undertaken a wide variety of bespoke conversions using basic shipping containers as the building block and fitting all kinds of doors, apertures and components. The final converted applications have been used for site accommodation, portable offices, storage units, canteens, music stages, portable classrooms and so on. The list is continually growing and is only limited by your imagination and budget. Let our knowledge and experience of converted container projects help turn your idea into reality. Container conversion is our passion.

Tell us about your container conversion needs today, and we will help guide you to the ideal solution.




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How to determine the lighting time of the integrated solar street light

 The integration of solar street lighting time can be set according to the user's request. For different applications, the integration of solar street light solar panels, battery pack and light module selection ratio is very important. The power of the integrated solar street light has been determined. The greater the power and battery capacity of the solar panel, the longer the lighting time will be, the solar power of the solar panel is 25W and the solar power of the lamp is 10W. 100% bright 5h, 30% bright 14h.

    In case of bad weather, such as continuous rainy days, sunshine time is reduced, the integration of solar lights can be based on the specific use of the environment and customer requirements for the design. In general, the experience of continuous lack of light weather, the integration of solar street lights can guarantee 3 to 7 days of lighting time.

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