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The Clamshell Blisters machine has many uses in all these areas of manufacturing and it ensures that the products are tamper-proof to some extent. Even the materials used in blister packaging can vary. Blister packaging is a form of plastic packaging and is used in the pharmaceutical as well as the consumer goods industry. The Clamshell Blisters machine is increasingly used in these areas and there are many types of blister packaging that are available in the market. To make thermoformed packaging, manufacturers apply a process to thermoplastics in which they heat up plastic film or sheet and form it around a single surface mold. Thermoforming packages are becoming the most cost-effective and attractive way to package products for the market. Thermoformed Clamshell Blisters packages open like a clamshell and they snap shut so that they fasten as securely as is possible when they ship from the manufacturer.


If you have ever tried to open a clamshell and needed a sharp pair of scissors to do it, you know exactly what thermoformed clamshell packaging is. Because clamshell packaging is strong and secure, you can feel comfortable that your product will withstand the shipping process and arrive on retailer shelves in the same condition in which you sent them out of the factory. Consequently, your products will be attractive and enticing to customers who see it on store shelves. In the pharmaceutical industry, the Clamshell Blisters packaging machine is used as unit-dose packaging. Tablets, lozenges, and capsules are packed using the unit-dose packaging system. These blister packs not only provide a barrier but also help in protecting the shelf life of these products. This type of packaging offers a certain amount of tamper resistance.


Blister packaging ensures some degree of authenticity and integrity of the product. The blister packs use the form-fill-seal process, where there are rolls of flat films or sheets that have pharmaceutical products filled in them. The packs are then sealed using the same machine which is termed as blisterline. This is later dispatched from the pharmaceutical companies to the distributors. This is one way of ensuring the safety and authenticity of the product. The Clamshell Blisters packaging machine is also used extensively in the consumer goods industry. This type of packaging is used in many consumer goods like toys, pens, electrical and electronic goods, hardware, and many other products. This type of packaging is very useful as the consumer can clearly see what is inside and look at the product without having to open it or tamper with it.


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