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Social development is very fast, and many technical progress quickly. For example, Clamshell Blisters. Clamshell Blisters provides a new method that can allow the consumer to get a good look at the product, while at the same time it protects the product from minor damages and dirt. This type of packaging is available in different sizes and shapes. To get a more custom look it is possible for a manufacturer to add color. Clamshell Blisters has surpassed these older forms of product protection. In this new type, a molded plastic form is used to cover and enclose the product completely from dust, moisture, and dents as the package moves from one location to another and through various temperatures and climates while in transit. This custom design does not allow any shifting of the product inside. The design gives an exact fit to the product, with has much thicker wall to the material than was usual in the older blister packaging. Since the product is entirely encased, there is no possibility that the product will come in contact with other items during its journey. If you manufacture retail items, the clamshell packaging in which you choose to present your product will be a very large factor in whether or not your product will sell. Depending on the nature of your product, you may wish to utilize clear thermoformed clamshells so that you can show your product off to its best advantage.


To make thermoformed packaging, manufacturers apply a process to thermoplastics in which they heat up plastic film or sheet and form it around a single surface mold. Thermoforming packages are becoming the most cost-effective and attractive way to package products for the market. Thermoformed Clamshell Blisters open like a clamshell and they snap shut so that they fasten as securely as is possible when they ship from the manufacturer. If you have ever tried to open a clamshell and needed a sharp pair of scissors to do it, you know exactly what thermoformed Clamshell Blisters. Because Clamshell Blisters is strong and secure, you can feel comfortable that your product will withstand the shipping process and arrive on retailer shelves in the same condition in which you sent them out of the factory. Consequently, your products will be attractive and enticing to customers who see it on store shelves.


Though you cannot print on thermoformed Clamshell Blisters, you can insert cards with your company logo and product information in an attractive and eye-catching manner. The possibilities for graphic design when you use clamshell packages are endless. You can use standard clamshell shapes or you can design your own to make the most attractive packaging possible for your product. When you are looking for Clamshell Blisters for your product, you should look no further than Impact manufacturing. Impact produces millions of clamshells, trays, and Clamshell Blisters every year.


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