Choosing Clear Plastic Sleeve- Protect Your CDs

Protect your CDs from wear and tear with durable CD sleeves. Also known as a five-inch mailer, a CD sleeve is great for storing and mailing CDs. They are usually shaped like small envelopes and are clear so you can see what's inside. Some Clear Plastic Sleeve also have lockable flaps for added protection.


There are different kinds of clear plastic sleeve available in the market. A paper sleeve is made from biodegradable and considered friendly, but it can't protect your CDs from water and moisture. This is the least durable but also least expensive of all types of clear plastic sleeve. If you intend to just store your CDs in a dry box at home, these may do the trick. They are available in different colors, although white is the most common. Another type is the plastic CD sleeve. They are more durable than paper CD sleeves and are also waterproof. A lot of people prefer them, but they are not friendly to the environment. Finally, there's the cardboard clear plastic sleeve - the perfect compromise. Card boards are the thickest and most durable of all CD sleeves. They can protect your CD from breaking. And while they are not completely immune from water and moisture, they are still better at the job than paper sleeves. However, they are also the most expensive.


You can take out a few of the CDs and carry it along with your outdoor tour. The most important reason to have the use of plastic-sleeve is the price, which is very cheap and everybody can afford it. The plastic material is convenient and durable and you get them in several colors and shapes of your choice. Save money on clear plastic sleeve, If you want to save money when buying CD sleeves, try buying bulk. Purchasing them per piece might seem like a good idea when you only have a few CDs to store, but let's face it - you will need more in just a matter of months, as your music or software collection gets bigger. Buying in sleeves in bulk can save you serious money.


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