Weight Loss Involved Clear Plastic Sleeve

Clear Plastic Sleeveare used in life very much, almost all spheres of life. Using a Clear Plastic Sleeve for weight loss can be a very successful option for a certain people. The Clear Plastic Sleeve option is usually only performed on people who have a BMI rate of over 30. If you or your loved one has a BMI that is over 30, it puts you in an increased risk area for disease and even worse. Your doctor would have decided that the risks involved in having this surgery completed are lower than the risks to your health remaining overweight.


Clear Plastic Sleeve before Gastric By Pass, Sometimes doctors use the Clear Plastic Sleeve for weight loss as the first step to having gastric bypass performed. Some patient's weight level has made them so unhealthy that they are not able to withstand a gastric bypass. The Clear Plastic Sleeve is a LESS SEVERE surgery and can help the patient get down to a weight level that is healthy enough for other surgery. They are then later able to have the more intense bypass done. How the Clear Plastic Sleeve procedure works: When performing a Clear Plastic Sleeve for weight loss procedure, a doctor will create a long pouch by stapling off a portion of the stomach, causing it to look like a sleeve. On average 85% of the patient's stomach is removed during surgery. This creates a smaller stomach making you feel full quicker. This will inadvertently cause you to eat much less food per day and will cause dramatic weight loss. Recovery: Surgery is pretty basic and requires normally only one to two nights in the hospital. You will be able to resume your normal activities in about two weeks after surgery. While your stomach is recovering you will be placed on a strict liquid diet and will slow progress to pureed food. The After-Math: Once your stomach is functioning well, you will be able to move on to soft food and then solid foods. Most patients are able to see significant results by using a Clear Plastic Sleeve for weight loss. An estimated 60 to 70% of your excess weight can be lost in about 2 years. Many of health problem are known to be reduced or eliminated after having surgery done. About 80% of people with type II diabetes are able stabilize or resolved their problem. While hypertension in many cases is greatly improved after surgery.


Make an Informed Decision: Choosing the Clear Plastic Sleeve for weight loss is not the best choice for everyone. Most patients only have this done after their doctor has determined that this is the right option for them. As with any surgery, there are RISKS involved in having this procedure done. Costs can be another huge factor in your decision making. After surgery you must be willing to COMPLETELY CHANGE your lifestyle and start living a healthy lifestyle.


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